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This is the full boxset of Hirah Blaze.

From Book One

My name is Hirah Blaze. I’m The Wretched’s lead woman on axe. From the first day I picked up a guitar, I wasn’t satisfied with being the best female guitarist or the best black female guitarist. I had to be the best fucking guitarist on the planet or it was considered a failure. The metal world could eat you alive if you didn’t know how to play and I’ve spent my entire life to make sure that never happens.

Although Sarge and Diabolical Plan had given me the initial opportunity to show off my chops, I couldn’t be what I wanted with my ex-boyfriend steering the ship. I had to be the captain of my own destiny, the one taking the lead.

Five months into being part of one of the biggest rock bands in the world and I’m still pinching myself. Me, the little Blatina goth girl from Milwaukee, along with Corey Patrick, Bryan Taylor, Nicolai Zander and the new guy on bass named Chad Stephenson.

Have I mentioned that Chad is hot as hell?

If I truly wanted to control my future, I couldn’t be derailed by gorgeous, tattooed dudes with pretty eyes and piercings.
Who was I kidding?

As long as Chad wasn’t looking for something serious we could have some fun while taking the hard rock world by storm.

This is a spinoff of The Wretched Tales with new guitarist Hirah Blaze. She's kicking ass and taking names, looking to become the metal world's newest guitar goddess!

Book Two

This man had me.
Oh God, he had me in a freaking tizzy.
I want Chad.
I want Chad Stephenson.
I want him in my bed.
I want him now before we go on this stage.
Oh shit.
I am such a goner.
I am off the deep end now.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
I’m supposed to be all about fucking world domination with my guitar, not obsessing over my hotter-than-hell bass player.

It’s show time for The Wretched. We’re about to go on tour and I’m stoked to be onstage in front of thousands. However, I can’t get a certain someone off my mind. Hot bassist, Chad Stephenson has become my crack and I’m happily addicted.

Book Three

Hirah - I’m ready to stake my claim to superstardom and I want to bring Chad with me. At this stage, we’re all about making The Wretched better as a tandem, and having some fun along the way. Unfortunately, Chad doesn’t appear ready to move forward and this is pissing me the hell off. This was why I’d refused to commit to anyone because of shit like this. How can we be metal’s new power couple if Chad slams on the brakes?

Chad - For the last few months, Hirah and I have ridden the merry-go-round between bandmates and friends. Our fellow members had done everything to throw us together, and even with those moments, we had yet to take full advantage.

Despite the attraction to her, I still can’t get a certain somebody out of my mind. And, I know if I want something real with Hirah, I need to forget about it. A hard thing to do when it feels so damn good. I need to drop that other piece or I’ll lose the chance of being her soulmate.


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