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Ryland remains committed to his lovers, but will baby lust cause him to risk everything for another immortal and destroy his family coven?

Ryland wants offspring. Being a bloodsucker, he cannot procreate, but he wishes to make his clan complete. Knowing the burdens of being a murderer for self-preservation, Ryland will do all he can to discourage Dale and keep his human’s life intact. As Ryland fights with himself, he receives a gift that could change their relationship forever.

Dale aspires to be a vampire. Though music was his reason for living, his focus is now on family. Although he appreciates the way things are, staying mortal makes him the odd man out. Dale tries convincing them that giving him the final bite would bring them closer, but before he states his case, he’s struck with an illness that could literally take his breath away.

Ryland has a choice. Happiness or his human’s life.

Dale’s needs are on the backburner, but will he make the sacrifice to give Ryland what he craves most?

Their decisions could be the final stake in Dale’s heart.

Immortality’s Gift features a vampire and his lovers who aim to achieve true eternal happiness. If you like ménage stories with light angst and hot romance, pick up a copy of this book.

All books in Immortals must be read in order for full enjoyment.

Warning: This is a dark romance! Book contains MPREG, violence, rough sex, and elements of torture.


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