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Mercurio's Mating Now Available!

Mercurio is now available for purchase! Every being, wretched or not deserves love... Commitment Though Mercurio assisted Valios and newly fallen angel, Calisto with the birth of their babies, he hasn't been selected as the Head Keeper. After some egregious errors, Valios doesn't trust him thus relinquishing two of Mercurio's most important powers. Despite losing his confidence but continues to be Valios' loyal servant. Dorian is a new Soul Catcher, brought over by vampire Ryland. Although a hot commodity in The Realm, he has no desire to be paired with another bloodsucker. Instead, he's got his eyes set on Mercurio and will do anything to get him. Though Mercurio is attracted to Dorian, he doesn't want a relationship. Calisto has been a good friend. Why not take advantage of the vulnerable fallen? That wayward thinking could cost Nouvelle's resident historian his life. Can Dorian convince the snake shifter he'd be making a huge mistake? This is the final book in the Immortals series. All books must be read in order. This is a dark romance. Warning: Extreme torture, some gore, and violence. Buylink -

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