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N'awlins Exotica on SALE 11/29-12/4


To celebrate Living in Sin's release next month, I've decided to put all the other books on sale for 99 Cents for this week at Amazon, ARe, and Smashwords!

Here are the links

Also Mon Trois is on sale for 99 Cents at Amazon and Smashwords and the others are FREE!

Take advantage so you can follow the series and get ready for Living in Sin next month!

Note: A reader brought this up to my attention and I should explain.

The Exotica series should be read in order which means I Like Em Pretty, I Love it Rough, then No Denying Sin

Paranormal is the twins series. Read those in order, Mon Frere, My True Love, then Mon Amour, Forever More, Mon Frere Plus One, Mon Frere Facing Our Fears, then Mon Trois.

This series has 4 parts

Exotica, Exotica, Paranormal, Immortal Souls, and Masquerade. They only intertwine through characters and since Amazon and ARe banned the twins, I have to put them up on Smashwords.

Still hella confusing but I'll be happy to explain if there are questions!

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