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One Click Wednesday


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Sue Brown is always an autobuy for me. I love how she can do funny, angst/tension in one glorious package. With this one, not much angst but definitely characters we all can relate to.  It features an older twink, Frankie who's just been dumped by his boyfriend through text and the man, Al he runs into on more than one occasion. Without doing spoilers, Frankie and Al run into one another once again during a job function and sparks fly, making both men hot for one another. The book is British humor at it's best, hilarious. Several parts I couldn't stop laughing and I definitely see the two of them in this cover. As always, a beautiful job by Sue! Blurb: Dumped by his boyfriend, Frankie Mason goes out with the girls, gets totally trashed, and ends his night by falling in front of a taxi. He’s rescued by a man with beautiful green eyes who takes care of him until he’s put into an ambulance. Frankie curses himself as he realizes he doesn’t have the man’s phone number. Still in pain a few days later, he is dragged out to a club only to be saved by Green Eyes once more. This time, he isn’t letting the man go. Unfortunately Frankie has to attend a team-building exercise, nicknamed Womb Weekend, organized by his company. Al is working so he doesn't mind, until he discovers who the team leader is. Al has a lot of explaining to do! One Clicked on Amazon

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