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Pre-Order Link for Portrait is Up!

Since I finished earlier than first thought, I put Archer up for pre-order! Grab it at that special price of $2.99 until January 5th. After that the price will change! Here is the blurb along with the link. Archer’s black heart bleeds for no one… Archer hates love stories. Give him loud music, obscure art, and horror movies, and he’ll be content. Although completely normal on the surface, Archer’s arrogance and prickly demeanor doesn’t make him many friends. Not that he gives a flying f*ck because relationships are for the weak. Clint’s life is one big puzzle. On the cusp of his fifteenth wedding anniversary, he wonders why the hell he got hitched. He married someone he thought he’d fall in love with, but nothing sparked. Considering Clint was fastly approaching retirement from the police force, perhaps that didn’t matter. Office holiday parties aren’t fun, but when a special guest catches Clint’s eye, things get interesting. Clint never intended to fall in lust with the artist, but the want outweighs the consequences, putting his good standing along with his marriage in jeopardy. If only Archer cared about ruining things Clint worked so hard to build. Portrait of a Black Heart is the prequel to Love Kills, featuring the character everyone loved to hate. A dark romance between men who use lust as the reason for their morally wrong decisions. Warning: Violent flashbacks which include blood and death are described. Look inside for further warnings. Link -

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