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Pride Promotions - Betwixt and Between Alexis Duran Blogtour CONTEST

About the author: Alexis Duran was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At the University of Oregon, her fascination with people and relationships led her to major in Sociology, but her main love has always been creative writing. She's worked in museums, fashion, finance and film production. Her favorite job so far was inventorying the collection in a haunted Victorian Mansion. She's had several short stories published in the mystery, horror and literary genres and is the author of the Masters and Mages erotic fantasy series. Her fiction has won several awards including the Rupert Hughes Award from the Maui Writers Conference. She lives with one dog and four and half cats. She is currently working on the next Masters and Mages novel and several other erotic novellas. Where to find the author: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Other: Loose ID: Goodreads Link: Publisher: Loose ID Cover Artist: April Martinez


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