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RELEASE DAY - Taken and Crowned

Release day for my first sci-fi novel, Taken and Crowned! Read for FREE or buy for $3.99 It's a dark romance with forced mating, space fights, and a little humor to keep you entertained! Ambrose’s family tradition destroys his plan to be a forever bachelor. Although Ambrose doesn’t wish to be with anyone long term, he must find a spouse immediately. According to the rules, no one inherits the throne unless they’re married. Additionally, his father wishes for Ambrose to seek a human. Despite not being elated with the decision, Ambrose figures doing the necessary requirement of mating and impregnating will be enough. Max, who identifies as non-binary, is tired of being shamed and manhandled. They wish to make a living off their “hobby” but it’s not in the cards. Relationships aren’t even on their list of things to strive for, and they don’t want to change. Unless the person is a certain Hollywood star they have a crush on, Max isn’t interested. When Ambrose meets Max at their place of employment, Max refuses to give the alien king-in-waiting the time of day. Little does Max know Ambrose’s calm exterior is a cover up for the monster willing to go great lengths to claim them for a partner. This title is a standalone dark romance with forced mating, dub-con, MPreg, and smartass aliens who hate to be wrong. On page violence, rough sex, and knotting are included. Link -

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