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Saturday Sips - Nola Nuptials

 Here is a little snippet of Nola Nuptials, book 7 of the N'awlins Exotica Series! Blurb: N’awlins is once again The Big Easy thanks to a certain vampire with a heart of gold. Now with the past behind them, Frankie and Kajika can finally tie the knot and build the family they’ve been wanting for months. In the weeks leading up to that however, wedding party fittings, practices, and mendings of relationships need to occur in preparation for the big day. Frankie, Kajika, and the Nola crew are definitely ready to move their lives forward. With nothing but the threat of bad weather to stand in their way, this year’s Fat Tuesday will be memorable for all. This book is the end of the N'awlins Exotica series. All books must be read in order! Link - Snippet: January 10, 2016 New Orleans, Louisiana The holidays left as quickly as they’d come, leaving many people disoriented. Especially cops like Frankie Choteau who looked forward to his first full Christmas off with his fiancé Kajika Fortier. They’d been dating for almost three years and every single holiday, Frankie worked from sunup to sundown on a new homicide case in the Quarter or around it. This year however, Chief Quinn Murray granted him the holiday off, saying he deserved it because come the new year he’d put in a certain amount of hours as Sergeant. Despite the serial killer case being closed, there weren’t too many breaks around District Nineteen. After all, the Big Easy was a hotbed of activity no matter what the temps were outside. Feeling weary from the morning’s sexual acrobatics with Kajika, Frankie trudged into the station with his trademark hazelnut coffee and blueberry muffin. He’d bought nothing for the team because, well, he didn’t work with them anymore. Anymore. Frankie sighed and shrugged, saddened by that exciting, but sobering realization. He was his own man now. He was management and not part of the detective team. He’d definitely miss the camaraderie, but he’d dreamed of being promoted in the nineteenth precinct for years. Regardless of his affinity for the guys and Kenina, Frankie knew it was time to move on. “Good morning, Sergeant Choteau.” Two lady officers spoke to him in unison as he ambled through the halls. He nodded and spoke back, smiling as he walked. The place was recently remodeled with a new coat of paint and repairs to the crown molding giving it a fresh look while still keeping that New Orleans charm. Deciding to pay his favorite people other than Kajika a visit, he headed to the basement. Though he didn’t work down there anymore, he still wished to say hello and see how everyone fared on their holiday. The only people he’d spoken to were Kenina and Waylon. Both came over for Christmas along with Naomi and David. Having them come by was wonderful because they were like family. Frankie skipped down the stairs until he reached the bottom where his former detective mates still worked. He eyed Orrin along with his boyfriend Vance sitting at the table with coffee in hand and a stack of files, probably filled with more cases from the holiday. “Mornin’ ya’ll.” Frankie spoke to both men. “Hey, hey, if it isn’t the Sergeant, Frankie Choteau,” Vance laughed and got up, giving him a hug. Frankie accepted and patted his shoulder as they separated. Orrin came over and shook his hand then gave him a hug too. “Hey man, how was Christmas? I’m sorry we didn’t make it, but we wanted to spend it with Vance’s momma.” “Oh for sure. How’s she doin’, Vance?” Vance shrugged and sighed heavily. “I s’pose she’s doing as best as she can, Frankie. When dad’s birthday came around, it was hard as hell to get her to do anything. She wanted to cry all day. I know I gotta give her that time to mourn, but it depressed the hell outta me.” “Fo true, man. I get it, believe me. My momma was the same way when daddy died. Anyway, it’s real good you got her to move up here for now.” Frankie said to Vance. “Yep. She wants to go back to Dallas.” Vance motioned to Frankie to have a seat. “Yeah? She don’t wanna stay up here and torture the two of you now since you’re moving in together?” Frankie smirked at them, taking the chair Vance offered. “Oh yeah she does, but she’s complained that we’re a little too, uh, loud when I come to visit.” Orrin laughed and also sat across from them. “Welp, perhaps it’s time she had her own space then. Perhaps here in an apartment or senior living space?” Frankie offered. “Momma don’t want that,” Vance shook his head. “She wants to be independent of any hired help. She still gets up in the morning and fixes me breakfast before work.” “I love her breakfasts. The biscuits are fire,” Orrin said with a loopy grin. “Yep. It’s showin around your middle,” Vance laughed. He ducked from a piece of paper Orrin threw at him. “Hey baby, I’m joking… a little. I love you regardless if you got extra pounds or not.” “You two are funny as hell. All I gotta say is make sure you don’t put on too many pounds before the wedding next month, Orrin. We’re gonna practice and have the fittings.” Orrin nodded. “No worries, dude, we gotcha covered. I’m looking forward to it. It’s gonna be a spectacle on Fat Tuesday for sure.” “No doubt. Chiefs’ hoping we’ll be able to enjoy it without interruptions. Well, at least you guys, not me,” Frankie chuckled, then sipped his coffee. “Ah shaddup. Don’t start with the teasing. When’s the bachelor party?” Vance asked. “Oh, I dunno. A week or two before, I guess. I’m leaving that in Kajika’s capable hands. I told him he can’t dance though. He’s gonna have to get someone else.” “Maybe Brayden can,” Orrin said with a grin and wink. “Watch it, lover.” Vance growled and tossed that same piece of paper back at his man. “You’re taken remember?” “Hell yeah, but I’m not dead, cowboy!” Orrin snorted. Frankie chuckled at the both of them bantering back and forth. He truly missed the time with Vance, Orrin, and the others. However, the Sergeant bit called out to him and with Quinn in his corner, he knew he couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this ever again.

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