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The Plot Bunny

Greetings! It’s February already? Good grief. Quite unbelievable that 2017 is here, but we say that every year. Just when I think I’ve caught up on rewrites, edits, new stories, the plot bunnies pop in my brain.

Doesn’t matter to the plot bunny what you have to do. Edits? So. New stories waiting to be write? Who cares. Here’s another 10! They come when I write, sleep, sometimes while driving and I have to ignore them or I might have an accident.

What the hell? Do they plan these attacks? I certainly think they do. When I least expect it, I’ve got ideas from a photograph, a song, scenario, a sentence or word, and if it’s really good it’s ready to be written in synopsis form with a couple of pictures for inspiration. If not, the thoughts are scribbled in my notebook or in my new story folder until they become complete thoughts.

Do those ever develop into stories? Yeah they do. One started out as a very small idea I wrote in my notes; an interracial couple meets when one man notices the other’s apartment getting burglarized. That turned into three books which I’m downsizing into one. When will I have time for this? Dunno!

The things multiply and can become vicious, but tell me, where would authors be without them? When in a slump, some call it writer’s block, other’s call it, well, a slump, they need these to jumpstart their writing. If you’ve been devoid of ideas, then they’re good to look back on. Mind you, this rarely happens to me. I think I have enough stories to last quite a while, but if it does, I’ll look in the book and my ever growing synopsis folder which is currently full of half done ideas. Oh and don’t even mention the ones I started and unfinished. Those just need serious edits and would probably be ready if I took the time, but again, when will this be?

Hopefully soon, but don’t quote me on that. Seemingly, everyday a new plot bunny attacks with a new idea for me to ponder over.

What about the rest of you? Authors, what do you think about the plot bunnies? Do you hold on to them? Have little scraps of paper waiting to be read? Tell me. Thanks for listening.

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