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What's Up Amazon?


Greetings readers. I hope you’ve been enjoying my thoughts and no worries, I will be writing some free fiction to give you an idea of what I’m about very soon. In the meantime, this would be my first writing/publishing post. *bounces* Ahem… sorry I’m a little excited. The more time Shar spends with me, the easier it'll be to get her to writing some Veronica stories. *winks* Anyways, my post today is about Amazon. What? You haven’t heard? Well, Amazon is playing morality police. Suddenly they’re deciding what’s good for you to read and what’s inappropriate. Hey Amazon… knock knock… what happened to free speech? And as Shar says, if you’re taking part of the money which is 35 or 70 percent depending on the book price, you shouldn’t get to decide what I want to publish nor keep the public away from their porn, erotica, and or fetishes. Readers should be able to fucking choose what they want to read, whether it’s monster erotica, daddy/son incest, or Harry Potter, the world should have a choice. This has been covered by many bloggers especially authors everywhere. Recently, an article was published about an author who was bringing home some serious bucks just to write stories of bigfoot ravaging a young girl. Read the article here. Now, I’m not into the whole monster erotica thing but I’m not gonna stop people from making money. Heck, it’s hard enough to make a buck in this freaking country without a company telling you how to do it. Geez people, it’s fiction, get a grip! Want an example? 


Well, this hit home for Shar’s muses with brother muse Michael Mandrake. Michael does a series of books involving vampire twins in love called Mon Frere. The books don’t outwardly say that it’s twincest but the covers are a little suggestive. Now I know a lot of these kind of  books gross people out but again, it’s fiction! And hell, I’m sure there are twins in the real world who love one another just like Ryland and Ryder do. Mind you, just like the author’s monster erotica with sasquatch, there are people who like reading this as well. Flowers in the Attic anyone?  Many of you know about Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews. It’s one of the classics and it features…yes…wait for it… incest between a brother and sister. Is this that much different from Michael’s twin books? The only thing is it’ s two brothers meaning a gay relationship. We wonder if that’s why it’s targeted but we’ll save that topic for another Veronica thought. 

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