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Thiago is thrust into the spotlight when his brother’s band is in trouble, but it’s the sexy Corrigan who tugs at his heartstrings. Will their undeniable bond destroy Burnt Ember’s chance at fame?

After graduating from college, Thiago is ready for some action. Being a virgin at twenty-four sucks, and he’s determined to shed his V-card the second he finds the right man. Just because he’s a different kind of guy, doesn’t mean he can’t find true love, right? No matter how long it takes, Thiago refuses to settle for less.

With one failed relationship after another, Corrigan is ready to throw in the towel. Why can’t the band’s good juju rub off on his love life? Doesn’t help that he’s infatuated with his fellow guitarist. Those feelings could ruin their chance at being a huge success.

Right when Burnt Embers embarks on their first tour, everything crumbles. Confusion and anger disrupt the band as Thiago and Corrigan attempt to unravel the meaning behind their intense emotional connection. Even worse, a former nemesis rears his ugly head, attempting to sever the relationship they’ve built.

Will their insta-lust sizzle enough to endure the trouble ahead or lead heavy metal’s newest sensation onto a path of destruction?

Only the strongest couples survive the pressure of fame.

Bad Blood is the 6th book in the multi-author Road To Rocktoberfest series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not stay and enjoy the whole show? If you like stories featuring polar opposites seeking their happy ever after with some drama thrown in, you’ll love this rockin’ book.


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