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Allerio craves absolute reverence. But will his quest destroy him?

Allerio is bored by perfection. After being granted beauty and special powers, neither of those were enough to satisfy him. He wants knowledge and his curiosities about his maker’s work have niggled at him for way too long. Going behind the boss’s back is a huge risk, but Allerio won’t stop until he’s ruler over all beings.

Death’s chance to avenge his banishment has arrived. Since he’d always been ignored by his equal, he’s promised to wreak havoc on everything and everyone. Death has waited a long time for the right opportunity to strike and he intends to carry out his plans of destruction, even if it means life’s demise.

Despite the sparks between them from the first meeting and beyond, Death tries his best to keep the angel at arms’ length. In his mind love makes even the strongest ones weak.

Loss of power could mean the end for both.

Death’s Angel is a dark gay romance between two powerful beings. If you’re a fan of angsty, M/M romance with a twisted plot and MPREG, then you’ll love Michael’s intriguing take on this biblical tale.

Warning: On page violence, extreme torture, and death. Look inside for further triggers.


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