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Calisto hungers for Valios, but will their families determine whether or not they’ll have an unholy happy ever after?

Calisto is bored with heaven. Despite his dad’s unconditional love, he isn’t satisfied being High’s favorite winged boy. In the back of his mind, Calisto desires a being from his past to be part of his future. But acting on those emotions risks enraging his family and bringing punishment upon himself.

Valios’ black heart is broken. He’s ruined one chance at true love by being an ass. As he moves on, he meets his arch enemy who he’s fancied for centuries. Though Valios cares for the angel, nothing can happen between them or his father will kill him.

Will Calisto and Valios take a chance or ignore their desires to stay in favorable in the eyes of their masters? Although they realize their feelings for each other, rekindling those could widen the divide between the sides, destroy the peace, and place the entire universe in danger.

Love should be blind, but at what cost?

Calisto’s Quest features an angel with a bad temper and the devil’s son that tries to ignore him. If you enjoy demon angel romances where love means high stakes, pick up a copy of Calisto’s Quest today.

All books must be read in order for full enjoyment of the series.

WARNING: This is a dark romance! Rough sex, violence, torture, and MPreg. Relationships that others might find objectionable.


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