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A snake shifter seeking redemption, a vampire wanting a mate. When these immortal’s path’s cross, will they find eternal love?

Dorian is a newly turned bloodsucker searching for opportunity. Being young he aspires to lead with a partner. Because of his attractiveness and drive, he’s a hot commodity, but he refuses to be paired with just anybody. After all, he has unique gifts, and he’ll be damned if he wastes time with someone unworthy.

Mercurio is used to being alone. However, even in his loneliness, his natural instincts kicked in, causing him to act on his desires. Angering his boss wasn’t part of the plan, but snakes aren’t trustworthy anyway. Though he seeks a second chance, he knows his grievous mistake won’t be forgotten and could cost him more than the slimy skin on his back.

Dorian craves a relationship with the shifter but doesn’t want to risk his standing with the vampire clan. Mercurio’s path to forgiveness is littered with obstacles, but he must pass the tests or be cast down into a fiery grave.

Can Dorian and Mercurio see through their differences to save the snake from being the demon dog’s dinner?

Mercurio’s chances are fading fast.

Mercurio’s Mating features two immortals with bite, looking for their happy ever after. Read the final book in the Immortals series to satiate your appetite for hot blooded dark romance.

All books must be read in order for full enjoyment of the series.

Warning: This is a dark romance! Extreme torture, some gore, and violence.


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