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A dark angel who wants to be loved. A gator shifter used to being alone. After they meet, their differences bring them closer, but will another’s jealousy cost them their lives?

Downtrodden by his Master, Anasa leaves home for the solitude of Earth to find peace. Although he must decide if serving a demon who doesn’t love him is worth eternal suffering, the thought of his teacher’s punishments chill him to the bone. Only a matter of time before the head of the underworld notices his disappearance and snatches him back into darkness.

Neil is content with his life. His ravenous sexual appetite often overrides his need for substance in his lovers. Relationships don’t agree with this him. Why start now when life in the Big Easy is just that… easy? However, the murky Bayou waters only remind the reptile of his lonely existence, depressing the hell out of him.

Will surrendering to lust give Anasa what he's always craved? Can Neil save his lover from a fiery end?

To defeat the devil’s son, Neil and Anasa will need more than luck.

Anasa’s Awakening is a dark romance featuring a demon wanting commitment and a mouthy shifter who desires the opposite. If you like a dark shifter romance that includes fighting for love, you’ll enjoy this book.

All books must be read in order for full enjoyment.

WARNING: This is a dark Romance! Flashbacks of torture and rough sex as well as on the page violence.


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