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He's in love with two men. Will he make his deepest fantasy a beddable reality?

Fleeing from Chicago and his memories of a brutal attack, Santiago Mendoza feels ready to face life again. But even though he's in a committed relationship with his new boyfriend, he can't stop thinking about his ex. And he secretly fantasizes that his sizzling duo could become a red-hot love affair for three.

Muscled firefighter Jonas Sandbauck bides his time, waiting for the right moment to propose to the deliciously sensitive Santiago. But when his emotionally damaged beau welcomes advances from his former partner, he fears he might lose the only man to set his heart ablaze.

Successful businessman Myles Greyson will never stop missing the gorgeous lover he let walk out of his life. Though when he decides to make his move before it's too late, his reappearance in Santiago's space causes a rift with the foxy Jonas.

As fiery emotions threaten to burn up his still-fragile world, Santiago must make a choice before he loses both men. But when Jonas and Myles finally end up alone together, the tension ignites sparks too hot to ignore.

Will Santiago destroy his chance at happily-ever-after, or can he convince Jonas and Myles that this is a three-way-love of a lifetime?

Where There's Smoke is a smoldering standalone gay romance. If you like tantalizing threesomes, hot-and-heavy angst, and steamy sex, then you'll adore BLMorticia's seductive M/M/M story.

Note: This book has been previously published. No new content has been added.


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