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Archer’s paintings reveal his love for blood. Will his boyfriend, Clint leave and make the artist a target for a murderer?

Archer is inspired and aroused by his detective boyfriend’s tales, but he longs for something that pushes him to the brink. Despite knowing his fetish would create a rift between him and his partner, the artist will get his way — even at someone else’s expense.

Clint’s job no longer holds his interest. These days, his man’s pleasure reigns supreme over solving homicide cases. But he still has bills to pay, so he sticks with the force, hoping his attitude will improve. Besides, his man hungers for the grisly murder scenes Clint works, and he can’t risk Archer’s rejection. Why would the sexy young man want him if Clint didn’t provide him with his bloody drug of choice?

Holland isn’t significant-other material. When potential mates discover the devil inside, it’s too late for them to flee. Determined, he seeks someone to fulfill his darkest needs. Although the threat of being found out looms, he’ll literally kill to get what he wants.

When Archer meets Holland, sparks fly. Yet, this man has dark secrets that terrify Archer, even as they lure him in. Perhaps he’s about to take one too many chances.

In the heat of passion, even death won’t deter these men from getting what they desire most.

Love Kills is book two in the Deadly Sin series. If you like menage romance with morally ambiguous characters, pick up this sexy age gap threesome story today.

This book is part of the Deadly Sin series. Books must be read in order for full enjoyment.

Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.

Reading Order
Portrait of a Black Heart
Love Kills
Bound by Blood (Coming Christmas 2023)


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