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Mate them or die? Chan must decide between reuniting with Andrew, his first love or living the famed life until the final alarm on his body clock rings. Will that choice ruin his opportunity for a happy ever after?

Chan has always been adventurous. Although he fell in love with his childhood friend, he ditched the comfortable shores of Los Angeles for the south pacific. Despite his success, he’s cognisant of what he’d done to get there. Not a day goes by that Chan doesn’t think of the damage he’d caused because of what he’d left behind.

Andrew refuses to leave the nest. Too comfortable to spread their wings, they’re content with being around their family. However, they miss the touch of their first love and wonder if their bond has been broken. This tears them apart, so much so Andrew wishes they’d never fallen for them in the first place.

When Chan and Andrew meet again, it’s a joyous occasion, but will the gap in time and Chan’s mistake be the dagger that destroys their perfect union?

Andrew is the key to Chan’s survival!

Love at First Clinch is a friends to lovers romance between childhood sweethearts. It is recommended you read Love at First Crush and Love at First Clutch to understand the world and characters. If you enjoy reading low angst, second chance love stories, you’ll enjoy this book!


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