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Mate him or eat him? Elijah can’t make a decision but must if he plans to survive!

After breaking up with his longtime boyfriend over a misunderstanding, Jaxon needs a roommate. Despite his job bouncing for babes at a local hotspot, he can’t pay rent on one source of income. Jaxon is two shakes away from being evicted, thus be forced to live with his folks. Living on the street in the dead of winter doesn’t hold any appeal.

Elijah hates living on Necetune. Using a variety of species for food and taking over neighboring planets is fun, but he’s bored to tears. His love for adventure takes him to Earth where people are enjoying themselves. Staying hidden shouldn’t be hard, especially with many humans to host. Only problem, Elijah mustn’t get caught by Necetune warriors who eagerly await to imprison him.

Needing a place to stay, Elijah answers Jaxon’s advertisement. The two lock eyes immediately, or could it be the irresistible scent that Elijah is emanating? The alien never intended to fall for a sexy human, but perhaps finding a mate would stop his planet’s government from coming to get him.

Elijah’s fate depends on Jaxon’s choice to give up the normal for good.

Love at First Crush is a sexy, low angst, gay romance between an adventure loving alien and a human who loves walking through the apartment wearing little clothing. Tentacle sex, cute alien babies, and laughs are included.


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