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Take him or mate him? Kieran’s time is running out. Can the hunky doctor rescue him from his doomed fate?

Terribly long shifts interrupt Gideon’s personal life. He dates whenever he has the chance, but none of them lead to a relationship. Although he was aware of the sacrifice, his ultimate goal was to make people feel better. But how could he when he wasn’t feeling like himself? Gideon must turn it around before he harms someone else or ruins his reputation.

Kieran swam from Necetune to see life beyond his underwater bubble. Why not when there was nothing left back home after he’d lost the one he lusted for to a human. Without those emotions, he could take pleasure in the stupid Earthlings. That’s if his sexual impulses don’t get in the way. Despite his natural cravings, Kieran doesn’t want to get pregnant, but his adamant refusal could destroy him.

After an exhausting sixteen hour day, Gideon literally runs into a man. Even though he’s concerned for his welfare, he can’t help but desire this beautiful stranger. Kieran also feels the pull, but can he trust the gorgeous medic to keep his secret and fight off his urge to breed?

The clock is ticking away fast!

Love at First Clutch is a gay tentacle romance featuring an alien who just wants to have fun and a lonely doctor who needs a boyfriend. This low angst novella includes swoony get togethers, dirty talk, hot sex, and MPREG. To understand the Necetune make-up, it is recommended to read Love at First Crush. If you enjoy alien/human hookups that end with a happily ever after, you’ll love this book!


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