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An Offer I Could Not Refuse - Part 15

here.  Raviele The meeting with the company board members was very successful. Although many of them saw no reason to expand to Africa, I talked them in to it. I convinced them the profits would be great. There were many of my vampire brethren in Africa that needed protection from the sun’s rays. Also, they could use some of our medicines. Not only was the expansion a good business decision, it was for the better of humankind as well. With so much positivity, I was ready to spend time with my chile. I sensed his bloodlust during the conference. It made me proud and aroused me beyond belief. As I’d told my father, Aaron would make the perfect vampire mate. If we could get rid of his father’s spirit disturbing us, life would indeed be perfect. Walking out of my office, I raised my nose to the air, smelling my lover’s arousal. As with any young vampire, he hungered for blood and sex, something I sort of missed from my younger days. I’d yet to mark him, so he was still open to feed and sex whomever he wanted. That would be remedied now because I refused to take him anywhere without making sure other vampires knew to stay away. “Lover.” I opened the doors of our bedroom, noticing Aaron completely naked on top of my sheets. His body was wrapped in the covers, claws lengthening as he envisioned the two of us in the throes of passion. What a beautiful sight. Pleased by this, I loosened my tie and pulled it from my neck. I hissed and licked my lips, ready to take my lover immediately. He would want no one else after I was threw with him. I’d waited for this very moment to claim him as my own. Finally, I’d get Aaron exactly where I’d wanted him. “Come to me, Raviele.” As I undressed, I continued to observe my eternal partner, touching himself. I tossed my shirt to the side, then slid my trousers as well as my underwear down from my waist until they pooled around my ankles. When the air from the window hit the tip of my cock, I hissed and closed my eyes. I took my hard shaft in hand, jerking it until pre-cum gathered on the head of my dick. Opening my eyes again, I watched my lover more then spat on my hand, working up a rhythm. It had been so long since I’d been able to do this. The drug I’d created gave vampires, though undead, the ability to produce semen as if they were living beings. Obviously popular, it was one of the products that made my company what it was today. Raviele.” Aaron called out to me again. He rose from the bed, still rubbing his own nipples. His mouth agape, hissing, showing those beautiful new fangs. “Yes, my love. I could not help but admire your beauty from afar.” I stopped fondling myself and kicked my shoes off, before tugging the rest of my clothes off. Now completely bare, I walked over to the bed to enjoy Aaron for the first time. When I arrived, Aaron yanked me into bed, until my body lay on top of his. We shared a passionate kiss with our tongues intertwined. He wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, enabling me to line up my rigid flesh with his tight hole. Once I did, I sank my entire dick inside Aaron until I could not go any further. Aaron pulled his mouth away. His brown gaze met mine. “Yes. Oh Raviele!” Aaron cried out at the top of his lungs as he clawed my back. We continued to eye one another while I drove my cock into him repeatedly. “Yes, my love. I’ve waited for this my entire existence. You are mine.” I found a spot on his neck, licking the space there for me to finally mark him. “Yes, I am, Raviele. Yours forever.” Aaron yelled for me, still digging his nails into my back. While I continued to make love to Aaron, he bit my shoulder. It wasn’t a shock. Instead, it was expected, knowing how much the young vamp desired my blood. He instinctively marked me as I would him. Though I was sire, it was natural for the new chile to bite his master. “Yes, my love. Drink.” Aaron did exactly that, then pulled away, leaning back on the pillow. His gorgeous, full lips were stained with my blood. I couldn’t resist kissing Aaron and tasting myself on him. Glorious.  Pure bliss. After we exchanged another kiss, I dragged my mouth downward to the same space I’d prepared to mark him. With the pressure building on my groin, I’d climax once his blood hit my mouth. “Do it, Raviele.” Hearing Aaron’s voice, I pierced his skin with my teeth, then grazed his flesh. “You are mine, forever, Aaron. From this moment forward, you’ll never love another vampire, or I will have to stake you. Understood?” “Yes. I’m yours,” Aaron said between hisses. With that, I bit down hard, forcing Aaron’s blood to gush in between my lips. I sucked hard and as I’d thought, I filled Aaron with my cum. Bright stars burst from behind my eyelids and I clenched the mattress under my fingertips, tearing the fabric. Knowing this was my first orgasm in over three hundred years, tears filled my eyes. After all this time, I’d gotten what I desired more than anything. My eternal lover by my side. Aaron cried out in ecstasy, clutching me tightly under his nails. “I love you, Raviele.” Covering up the wound, I licked the spot, then captured Aaron’s lips inside my own. “And I love you too.” * * * * Hope you enjoyed. Check out the other authors playing. Wednesday Briefs

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