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An Offer I Could Not Refuse - Part 2

There is no prompt this week for the briefs so we were able to write what we wanted. So, here is a little more of this impromptu story! Part 1 After agonizing hours of toiling over useless tasks Mr. Garland’s pick for manager had me complete, I finally left to return home. Several times, I’d thought about calling Mr. Garland back and faking an illness, saying I had stomach troubles or some other ludicrous disease that he would believe. However, my body wasn’t the problem. My treacherous frame would’ve rather to meet with the vampire, despite the trouble it would cause within my family ranks. Once my clan found out about my decision, I might not be invited to the annual gathering for the rest of my existence. The least of my worries, but still a thought. After all, the rendezvous was for those humans who didn’t prescribe to the vampire’s ways. It was our one night to be free of the leeches and celebrate life as living, breathing beings. Little would anyone know I had feelings for one of the top bloodsuckers in town. Mr. Raviele Garland, CEO of Garland and Flashby Enterprises, A Fortune 500 company that made it’s name by supplying the top miracle drug to cure numerous diseases, including vampire bites. Fascinating indeed since the person who owned the company was one himself. But Raviele wasn’t concerned. He’d done everything he could to acclimate himself to society, so everyone could like him. And because of his calm demeanor no one knew the truth. Everyone assumed Raviele was human just like the rest of us, born from two wealthy parents who’d given him everything, including what he needed to run the enterprise. For years it had been that way, without anyone suspecting Raviele because he showed no signs of being a vampire around anyone. Well, anyone, except me. Recalling that day, I sighed to myself as I turned into the parking lot below my apartment building. It was a modest high rise, where everyone seemed to get along. In all actuality, we had to because the vampires wouldn’t have it any other way. Obedient lab rats are what some of them called us. They kept us in buildings not only for our own shelter, but also to keep close tabs on everyone. After so many years of being self-governed as humans, we were now subjects of the vampire rulers on every continent. And the expectation of each human was simple: Live according to the rules of the vampires or become their next meal. Without the resources to fight against the bloodsuckers, no one would stand a chance if we were to revolt. They were too crafty and intelligent for us to fool into anything. And besides, most of us had started to enjoy being under a vampire hierarchy. When they took over, there was no human sitting in those chairs worth keeping in higher parts of the government. * * * * I know there is more to come so I will continue it and see where it leads. Here are the other flashers this week!

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