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Demon Be Mine to be released THIS WEEK!

Greetings readers!

I am so excited about this series. It is the Immortals series, the last portion of the N'awlins Exotica/Paranormal universe.

This set of books I do alone. I'm the most complex of the muses so why shouldn't I?

This series will take you on a special journey where the immortals here are still imperfect and striving towards that goal. However, they must do many things to achieve that and I can't just give it to them without bumps along the way.


In this collection, the souled demons of The Realm discover they aren't as evil as they'd like to be. Certain "godly" tendencies still get in the way. During the explorations of their feelings they find love in someone special. Who, you ask? You'll have to read each one to find out.

All books are to be read in order since the end of the first, leads to the next, and so on. It is not fully necessary to go back and read N'awlins Exotica or Paranormal unless you wish to know the characters.

Book one of Immortals starts with serial killer Eli Peckard and his new quest after death. What will he learn and will he take advantage of the opportunity set before him?

This collection has several triggers. Though a romance, it is a dark one. Mentions of rape and child abuse, as well as violence are within the pages, so beware. This isn't your typical, fluffy, happy go lucky, romance. It's dark, erotic, and highly addictive! * * * *

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