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I'm back!

I'm back. 

I was on vacation last week and now I'm ready to write. 

I've been so bogged down with the EDJ and the normal stresses that it's interfering with my writing, but I hope since I got some away time, my head is clearer. 

Michael and I are still working on Mercurio. I hope to have it done by this month. I know I'm sooo late with all these stories. I haven't had a release since April between all the names. However, I'm not going to try releasing a book every month anymore. I'm just not that fast of a writer so I prefer to take my time. 

I've got a lot of stories and they will get written!

*shakes fists*

The question is when?

Here is a link to the Patreon story with Gia and I'll be adding to the vampire story to make a return for this week. 

Stay tuned

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