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News and New Cover Art!

N'awlins Exotica series. There is expected to be 2 spin-offs, but this is the final book for Frankie, Kajika, and crew. What better way to end it with a wedding, hmm? Here is a tentative blurb and I'll share an excerpt on Saturday Sips! Blurb N’awlins is once again The Big Easy thanks to a certain vampire with a heart of gold. Now with the past behind them, Frankie and Kajika can finally tie the knot and build the family they’ve been wanting for months. In the weeks leading up to that however, wedding party fittings, practices, and mendings of relationships need to occur in preparation for the big day. Frankie, Kajika, and the Nola crew are definitely ready to move their lives forward. With nothing but the threat of bad weather to stand in their way, this year’s Fat Tuesday will be memorable for all. The book will be available only on Amazon through KU. I'm looking to get it up by the end of the week. If not by Friday, it will be Tuesday May 30th for sure. Let's see how quick Amazon is.

Smashwords and Payhip. There is a small explanation in the book that doesn't require reading backwards, but if you're interested in Zylen, then it might be best. I'm working on a blurb for this as we speak. Once again, both covers were done by the uber talented Sara York.  The Immortals will be available on all outlets before jumping to KU in the fall when I expect to be done with at least the first 3. Now news. No word yet on when Love at the Right Tempo will be released through Evernight. We're still waiting on the cover. As far as SMOKE, Shar and I are editing and revising as we speak. We've cut the book down to 112K plus, then added 1700 words for another love scene which betas asked for. Now we're looking to cut a little more and add one to two more "bonding" scenes before we make the final decision to self it or send to a publisher. Shar was very adamant about sending to a pub, but doing that means more waiting and perhaps not seeing the book until 2018. We shall see what we come up with. In writing news, I'm about to start Immortals book 2 and when Veronica is done, PROTEKT. Because Smoke has taken up most of our time, we decided not to start PROTEKT right away. The plot is in place and the characters are raring to go. I'd hope to get it started over the weekend once Smoke is tidied up. As usual, the plot bunnies keep coming. I have a new paranormal story, a dark rom/com which should be a lot of fun to do. I've named the characters, put the basic plot lines together, even put the face to all MC's and supporting cast. I believe this story needs to be written soon, but not until I've put PROTEKT, Smoke, immortals 2 to rest. Shar also has Veronica to finish up with then BL begins writing again soon. Such is the life of a muse sharing the brain with other muses. *smirks* Well, that is all for now. I hope you love the new covers. Again, Nola Nuptials should be released by Friday, at the latest Tuesday. It is a short, no frills wedding story. No surprises, and well, there is a tad of paranormal activity but not enough to worry about. *grins*

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