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Release Day - Immortality's Gift

Greetings readers! Perhaps Amazon loves me or maybe it's just a ploy. Immortality's Gift was loaded in three hours yesterday, but who is looking to buy books on Sunday? I don't think anyone is, so I saved promo for today. This is the second book in the Immortals series. I waited to start on the 3rd book so it probably won't be out until September. In this one, we get a visit from my favorite twins, Ryland and Ryder along with their third, Dale. As per usual, Valios and his sidekick Anasa are here to start trouble.  Here is the blurb: After Ryland encounters his two biggest nemeses in The Realm, he is furious with Valios. Though Ryland has strong feelings for Valios, he is fiercely committed to his lovers. Valios however has a plan. He concocts a scheme, but his newly found “imperfection” may disrupt that strategy. Completely ready to change, Dale Mooney’s patience is wearing thin. He wants that connection with his lovers, binding the three of them together. His reasoning is, he won’t feel complete until that happens. Being a human is boring anyway. Valios’s efforts to cause a rift in this perfect union might be successful. Still, one of them will carry the symbol of Valios’s undying love for Ryland through all eternity. Amazon Link - And here is an excerpt.  “Ryland! Ryland, please listen. I promise you, I hadn’t planned for that to happen and both those demons will pay dearly for what they’ve done.” After scampering from The Depths club, Ryland shook his head feeling his anger growing in leaps and bounds. Reluctantly, he’d accepted the invite from his friend and teacher to attend this club in Nouvelle Terre. However, as Valios had done so many times, he convinced Ryland to leave his lovers behind and come to this gathering only to find the two beings he’d thought he disposed of some moons ago; Zylen, the soul sucker, and Eli, the tormentor of his beloved city, New Orleans. “Ryland.” Valios called to him once more, grasping his shoulder tight. Ryland shrugged it off, folding his arms over his chest. He seethed, thinking of how stupid he’d become allowing his affection for his wayward teacher to surpass his better judgment. “Leave me, demon. You are a liar. A filthy, disgusting liar!” Ryland’s eyes changed from yellow to red in a matter of seconds and his nails grew in length. He knew he couldn’t beat the son of the Dark Lord, but he could get in a significant amount of licks before Valios struck him down. “My dearest. My love. I would never hurt you. I love you. You are my friend, the other half that completes me.” “You lie! You lie, Valios!” Ryland screamed at the top of his lungs as his fangs lengthened in his mouth. Feeling the anger overtake him, Ryland spun on his heel and hissed at his teacher. “Why did you lie to me? Why did you make these individuals part of your minions behind my back?” “I told you in the beginning that was what I’d do with them.” Valios stopped and held out his hands, almost begging Ryland to calm down. Valios couldn’t be scared of Ryland, could he? “Besides, we need them to win the war. Eli is very cunning. Zylen could be of great assistance also.” “How, Valios? Please share that with me. Two individuals who mercilessly killed beings for a living.” “I’d think you’d understand that merciless murder to be a requirement of my army, my sweet. We are killers. All of us!” Hearing Valios’s snarky comment angered Ryland even further. “I am not a heartless killer! Not like Zylen and Eli. Zylen killed many of my vampire brethren and tried to dispose of my brother and me while Eli killed helpless women on earth and tried murdering my nephew and I. Do you not understand, Valios? Do you not see how you have betrayed me?” Ryland grabbed Valios’s shirt, using all his strength to lift Valios up by his collar. He shook him as if he weighed nothing. In his mind, Ryland knew this could be a death sentence for him. Now, he didn’t care. Seemingly, Valios allowed Ryland to lift him from his feet. His legs dangled underneath him as if he was a rag doll and he choked from Ryland’s grasp on his neck. “Ryland! Leave him be!” Ryland stopped shaking Valios when he heard his assistant, Anasa’s voice. “Get out of here, demon. Your boss and I have a matter to settle that is only between us,” Ryland growled. “No, it is with me also, vampire. I said leave him alone or you shall have to deal with me.” Anasa’s fire blue eyes met Ryland’s red orbs. Ryland roared and dropped Valios on the ground. Filled with rage, he stalked over to Anasa. Ryland surveyed the young demon, the Soul Catcher with so much hate in his heart. Though the demon appeared strong, Ryland could take this devil easily and dispose of him without batting an eyelash. Unlike Valios who’d definitely make his eternal life more than a living hell. “You wish to tangle with me, young devil?” Ryland ran his hand through Anasa’s hair as if he were a little boy. Anasa smacked Ryland’s hand away. “I have no love for you, bloodsucker! I will tear you limb from limb with no remorse!” Anasa replied with a smirk. “You will do no such thing, Soul Catcher or you will feel my wrath!” Valios managed through labored breaths. “This is between me and Ryland. Go back to the club and make sure everyone stays in place.” “But, master…” “I said, go!” Valios cut him off while struggling to get his bearings. Anasa glared at Ryland before turning on his heel to do as Valios asked. Ryland chuckled, watching his instructor struggle to his feet. “Was I too much for you, teacher? I only grabbed you as you’d done several times during our sparring.” “It is true, my love. I… I was surprised by your sudden attack.” Valios said. “You liar! You knew it all along and…” Ryland blinked twice, making a stunning realization. “Shit! Damn you, Valios!” Valios laughed and coughed as he tried getting up from the ground. “Yes, my vampire. I caught off-guard because I drank the fury from you and I am now drunk. So please, my dear Ryland, continue to be mad with me for no reason! I love it and my father does as well!” “Ugh!” Ryland shifted on his heel, turning away from Valios. He’d forgotten this beast enjoyed feeding off his negative energy.

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