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Saturday Sips - Anasa's Awakening

Excerpt Feeling the being near, I twisted my body around so I could shift back to human form. In a matter of painful moments, I changed to the six foot five human everyone knew as an antique dealer/artist in the Quarter. “Shifter?” I gathered my clothes, putting them on as fast as I could. Not that I cared about being naked, but this was the first time I’d be meeting someone like me. When I finally had myself together, I spun on my heel to ogle the immortal. At the sight of him, my breath caught in my throat as I took in his muscular frame. Dark sunglasses covered his glowing blue eyes, but left enough of his gorgeous face exposed to show off his chiseled features. I could tell by the red outline surrounding him, he was a demon. No wonder he was so arrogant. “You were an angel before too?” “I was, but I am stronger now as a demon,” he replied. I tilted my head. “How is that? You think serving Lucifer makes you stronger?” “It definitely does,” he smiled, showing pearly white teeth with fangs like a vampire. “And what kind of demon are you? Fallens don’t have fangs?” “That is because I am a Soul Catcher demon.” “Oh.” I nodded my head in his direction and crossed my hands over my midsection. “Why on earth would you do that to yourself? You didn’t want to roam free?” “No. I desired more power. Roaming gives you nothing but an existence of wallowing between the plains without a true place. At least being a catcher, I can do things I never could as an angel.” “But you have to serve someone.” “Yes. And it is fine.” “No it’s not. It makes you weak.” I ambled closer to him to get a whiff of his scent. Just as I thought, he smelled of burnt embers. The scent wasn’t all that intoxicating, but I’d known other kinds of demons to smell a lot worse. He probably carried that aroma because of traveling from the third plain. I’d never been there, but I’d heard stories from other fallens who’d gone and didn’t necessarily like the environment. After all, we’d left the heavens to get away from the Most High and his rules. Why would we join forces with Lucifer to go through the same thing? “I read your mind, shifter. I may have given away some freedoms, but I am close to perfection.” “Sure and with those abilities you gave away your most important privilege. Tell me, immortal, what would you rather have? The powers to change or kill with those gorgeous orbs, or the right to come and go as you please?” “You know nothing about me−,” “Oh, you’re right, friend, I don’t, but I have heard what it takes to receive the gifts. I can read minds also, shift, disappear, make my clothes travel along with me. It’s all good enough for me to exist.” “You have never wished for more?” “Why? More gifts mean more fucking headaches,” I chuckled and sat on the rock in front of him. When I did, I eyed the sleek frame covered in black denim from head to toe. He was a work of art and I craved a glimpse of what lay underneath all his clothing. “The gifts make me unstoppable,” he said with confidence. “Not to the masters though, right? You can’t kill Lucifer or that son of his I’ve heard is a menace!” The immortal looked away then turned his back on me. Apparently, mentioning the two lords struck a chord. “Immortal?” “I have a name, shifter!” “Share it with me, then. And dammit, stop calling me shifter!” “Anasa. The name is Anasa.” “Ah. You’re the mayor of the third plain.” “Not the entire plain, only Nouvelle Terre.” “All right. I’ve heard a lot about you from the fallens who took up temporary residence there. Some of them joined Valios’s horde, while others ran out of there screaming,” I laughed. “Us fallens are called that for a reason. We don’t like being told what to do.” “So be it. I do not mind because it was a worthwhile exchange.” “Yeah, sure it was. Your freedom for more gifts that won’t help you kill the master when he pisses you off. You have to cower to him.” “It is not cowering. It is merely a way of showing respect.” “To a demon lord who doesn’t give a damn about you.” “He does, shifter!” “I thought I said don’t call me that.” “Then what shall I call you, gator!” “My name this century is Neil. Neil Arcenaux.” Anasa shifted on his heel to face me. “Neil. I suppose that is a worthy name of a traitor.” “Traitor? You are too. You left the Most High to join the demon horde.” “Yes, but for a good reason. You only left because you could not keep your mouth shut,” Anasa said. I shrugged. That part was true. I was thrown out and cast down to the Earth because I didn’t like being bossed around. I’d made it clear many times that I hated taking orders. “Yes, but like you I had big aspirations. Mine just didn’t include becoming a super being.” “All right. That is fair. Do you feel you made the right decision?” “Of course. I go wherever I please between all the plains, just not back to the heavens, which is fine by me. I still have my wings. My conscience, as well as my pride, is still intact. I do well here on Earth. I own a shop, two homes, and I fuck whoever I like.” I said that because I wanted to add Anasa to my long list of conquests. “Good for you, but I prefer to live with purpose.” Anasa said with arrogance and turned on his heel, heading in the other direction. “Wait, where are you going? I thought you would show me you were greater?” “Killing you would be a waste of my time. I admire your life as is and have no desire to disturb it. We should stay on friendly terms in case we cross paths again.” “We will. You can’t go back to Nouvelle now, Anasa,” I yelled to him. “No I cannot, but I can leave you where you sit.” Anasa waved back at me and continued to walk until I could no longer see him. “Damn.” I shook my head, wondering why he walked away. He didn’t seem angry at all. Not that I cared… Or did I?

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