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Saturday Sips - Calisto's Quest

Here is an excerpt from Calisto! Valios “And you shall replace that wretched being who betrayed me so long ago…” My father Luci, or better known as Lucifer to everyone else, spoke in front of his horde. “Be the best, my child. For you will rule the third and fourth planes when I am ready to hand over those duties. And you will crush your enemies one by one.” Cheers erupted from the thousands in attendance and the infectious rhythms sounded from Luci’s own personal band. Many started to chant my name and already in the few moments as Marksul’s replacement, I felt empowered. “I will not let you down, Father.” I knelt in front of him and bowed my head in reverence. “I know you won’t, my dear son.” Reliving the day, I was crowned as the Dark Prince brought a smile to my face. It felt like only yesterday, and yet it was over two centuries ago I’d been given the gift of immortality, as well as the keys to the third plane. With my own hands and powers, I’d built Nouvelle Terre into the epicenter that it was today. A place where all the Most High’s creatures and those who serve Lucifer could live without upsetting the balance on earth. It was how my father and High kept the peace, but I had no interest in that. Despite my feelings about High and father’s agreement, I had no choice but to obey him and rule Nouvelle with an iron fist. I’d successfully done that, and now, I’d passed that duty onto my daughter Annerxa who continued to uphold the rules I’d set. After Anasa left, I suppose I could’ve taken the reins again, but my daughter was better suited for the position. Besides, I was in no mood for trivial things. I was still licking my wounds over lost love. I’d failed to bring someone to my side, so I’d made up my mind to stay solo. After all, the one being I still had feelings for betrayed me, not once but twice. He’d broken my trust and embarrassed me in front of his peers. If only things could be as they were before I’d been given the keys to The Realm, then all would be right in my world. Amazon Link -

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