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#SinningOnSunday - Unforgettable Faith Release

How did I not realize that Unforgettable Faith was releasing on Sunday? I almost didn't but I quickly put a short campaign together with the above hashtag.  It's blasphemous, but I like it. *smiles* Please do try my newest installment in the Vale Valley series.  I won't judge you! I promise! Father Joseph deadened himself to love, but Diego refuses to give up on romancing the ornery priest. After Joseph spent part of his life running from captivity, he found solace in church. The only thing stopping him from true serenity is reassembling the broken pieces of his past. Fragments that cause him mental anguish and bring him to his knees. Diego’s travels lead him to Vale Valley to pitch a product, but when he prepares to leave, his wanton desire forces him to stay put. Despite not knowing what or why, Diego surrenders to his instincts. Wolves and tigers aren’t supposed to be buddies, so why is the attraction between them irresistible? Will they remain together regardless of issues that could tear them apart? Unforgettable Faith is book thirteen of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is a story of chosen mates and forbidden love between two species not meant for each other. WARNING: The book includes knotting, sex under the altar, more fun with rosary beads, sappy romance, mentions of casual drug use, flashbacks of violence, and near death. Read FREE on KU or Buy for $3.99  Link -

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