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One Click Wednesday -Trigger by Remmy Duchene RELEASE DAY!

Greetings readers. I haven't done these in a while! Been so busy writing, but that doesn't stop me from reading!  I'm excited to read the next book by co-author Remmy Duchene. The series is called MERCS and has three books starting with this one. Here is the blurb and link. Please go grab it now! Dawson “Trigger” Kerr walked away from the JTF2 angry and feeling betrayed. My brother’s keeper, my ass. Civilian life takes a new kind of strength, but he settles into building his business. He is content with his new life—a successful nightclub, amazing friends and a life away from warzones. Everything is coming up roses—that is until Claude Desjardins walks into his life. Claude don’t have a choice. In order to find his brother in Brazil, he needs the best. Word on the street, Dawson is the man for the job.  But Dawson isn’t too keen on helping the Desjardins. There’s a story there and there isn't time to tell it. As they race against time to find out what happened to the older Desjardins brother, Claude is falling - hard. But Claude is going to learn, if he’s going to squeeze the trigger, he’d better shoot to kill Link -

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