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Bumpy Road Back!

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

I’m replacing Hell with the long road back to a successful writing career! It is paved with good intentions, but there are plenty of potholes along the way. Ironically this picture was taken in my hometown! It accurately depicts my writing life right now.

I’d intended to finish these stories to release throughout February, but it looks like that won’t happen.

Remember my post from a little over a month ago? You know, the one with my brilliant writing plans? Well, I still have those “plans” but they won’t happen as I’d hoped.

Yes it is a long road. It hasn’t been bad, just a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I’d set a plan to write a few words each day. Not like I used to where I had a set number in mind, just write a little and I’d see how far along I’d get. And while most days I’ve gotten in about 500, there’s been others where I got nothing down at all.


At least I’ve made progress. My current het story, which I aim to release by Valentines day, is at 6K plus. My muse Veronica is thrilled I’ve picked her to be the first to reopen my venture back into writing, however, the original plan was for this story to be the 3rd. I’d planned to do other stories before hers, but it seems like they won’t get done in time.

I’ve figured out that in order to finish something, I should stay with the one to make sure its complete before moving on to the next.

Boy is THAT hard! Don’t get me wrong, I love my characters. My lady is much like me and the male protagonist is the typical asshole that changes because of his woman, guy that I love writing. However the anxiety is building in my gut and threatens to choke me.

Will people like it? This is however my first venture into AMBW. I’m also wondering about marketing the story, the ads, the… ugh. Yeah that publishing stuff is what’s niggling at me.

To prepare, I’ve researched how successful AMBW is and read a short series of books by an author that had promise. Unfortunately, the stories left me feeling so empty, I had to read something else to compensate. So, I want to a comfort book. An MM by one of my faves and damnit it made me want to work on my MM, but, no. If I don’t finish Veronica’s story it will never be completed.

One thing I noticed when writing regularly was I couldn’t work on MM while I worked on a Veronica book because I’d usually abandon it. I love this premise and its characters, so I don’t wanna split my mind in two just to make me happy. I have to push on. And no, I won’t release just for the hell of it, because I have to love it in order to put it up for sale. So there’s that, however, the questions eat at me as I write this. The ones above about publishing and…

By the way, this writing journal is supposed to be me talking it out with myself but you guys are invited into my warped mind. So I apologize in advance if it sounds like rambling.

Is this ramble helping? A little, but I suppose we shall see when I finish it.

So yeah, there is a lot of potholes in this road. Wanting to write MM, anxiety, KPOP, family, my job, etc, but I am committed to finishing this book and hopefully building a small following for my most patient muse.

That’s if my other hard headed muses won’t push through first, but, I won’t let em!

The road to a successful writing career…

Yeah, yeah. Instead, the road to just getting back to writing regularly.

That is a challenge within itself!

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