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The Long Road Back

It’s been a long while. So long I barely remembered my log in information. *laughs*

For the longest of time, I’ve wanted to get back to writing. I’ve dreamt about it, talked to friends and family about it, but the desire and motivation was always trumped with anxiety and the sheer panic about selling books after such a long hiatus.

In truth, my almost two plus years without publishing hasn’t been totally bad. Other than losing my Mom in 2021, I’ve grown a lot. Made new friends through my new KPOP obsession, and learned to appreciate life a little more. I’ve discovered how much of it I’d missed when tapping the keys on my laptop. After the main months of covid, I started travelling again, going to more live shows as I used to when I was younger, and loving my surroundings.

Now that we’re in the last part of 2022, I’ve got goals to bring my love for writing back along with my love for KPOP. No, this doesn’t mean writing about pretty Korean men, it just means, letting both passions co-exist, because quite frankly, I really do miss creating and putting words down on a page. And yes, the anxiety is building in my stomach as I type.

Will people wanna read me again?

Will I sell books?

Honestly, the answer to both is probably yes. Despite being gone, I still make a little money, so that gives me hope. I’ve talked to a dear author friend, and I realized how much I miss the comradery with fellow scribes. When I visited my Reader’s Facebook Group, someone asked me if I was attending Gay Romance Lit (An authors convention) and I politely said no, but it was nice to be thought of.

That told me two things. People still like my work and well, even if I don’t sell as many books at first I still need to try. Although I don’t miss the stress, I miss the hustle with shopping books. I DON’T miss writing blurbs, but I do miss bringing characters into a whole new world. Creating a way for them to get together, then break up, only to get through challenges to find their true love. I miss that bit so much and although I know its a tough thing to do, I look forward to creating again. Boys with Boys, girls with girls, people with people, or aliens, or omegas… *laughs*

There’s just something so cool about that talent that I have and I want to re-explore it. Despite my fears and anxieties, I know I can write. Not because of the few good reviews I’ve gotten in the past, or even from peers who like my work, but instead, I know writing is my true talent.

A passion I want to bring back to overtake KPOP. *laughs*

Anyway, I think I’ll always love KPOP , just like I’ll always love metal, but I want to bring writing back to the forefront. I wanna spend hours writing a new story before streaming videos. Heck I can stream for my favorites while I write. *smiles* And even if that first book which I hope to release in February 2023 isn’t a best seller, I’ll be okay with anyone who wishes to read it.

So in closing, if you’ve followed me before my hiatus, or if you’re new here, please send me some luck. I’m ready to start my new writing calendar, *shudders* and make plans again!

Hope you decide to join me in this journey!

Thanks for listening!

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